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Seneca Foundations LLC is a Western Pennsylvania based company staffed by experienced, conscientious professionals that provide turn-key foundation installation and related services to homeowners, home builders and general contractors in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and the Northern Suburbs. Seneca has the knowledge and owns the forms and the equipment required to do the job correctly and on time.


Seneca’s Built Smart™ Concrete Foundations System

The well developed prep and installation system adheres to the state of the art procedures per concrete building industry and masonry “best practices” and the highest ethical standards.

Seneca Foundations is the best choice for you?

Well Trained, Skilled and Experienced Team 

Built Smart™ Concrete Foundations System

Experts in Safety 

Western Forms - World's Best Aluminum Forms

Top Quality Concrete


Soils/Excavation/ Site Preparation and Pinning Expertise

Footings • Walls • Moisture/Waterproofing

Drainage • Back fill, Grading • Building Code Compliance

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